View Full Version : APO-Symmar 180mm/5.6 with Copal 0???

26-Apr-2007, 18:13
Michael Davis' list on this website has an APO-Symmar 180mm/5.6 with Copal 0. Does such a thing exist? I thought all 180mm Symmars were Copal 1.

Oren Grad
26-Apr-2007, 18:29
No, if it says 0 it's a typo.

Don Hutton
26-Apr-2007, 18:42
Complete agreement with Oren - I'll add though - if you need a 180mm in a Copal 0, the Fujinon A is a great little lens. I've had one for a while but have only recently started to use it much. It is the equal of it's much revered 240mm sibling...