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Ben R
26-Apr-2007, 15:15

I was under the impression that all the 90mm 'Super' Angulon were multi coated, am I wrong? If not is there any easy way to tell?

Many thanks,

JW Dewdney
26-Apr-2007, 16:03
Depends on the vintage. If it's important for you - get a more recent one. It should (if memory serves) - say 'MC' on the flange. You can easily tell by the reflections (if you see reflections in one (single coated - nearly as good as multi) or mulitiple colors.

Greg Lockrey
26-Apr-2007, 16:04
I'm going to say no to that. I have a very old "Super Angulon" that's not marked in anyway to indicate that it is multicoated. My 1971 SA is marked with a MC indicating that it is..

JW Dewdney
26-Apr-2007, 16:44
Greg - your 'very old' SA is probably single-coated. Should work just as well - under most circumstances.

Brian Ellis
26-Apr-2007, 17:45
Any Schneider lens that's multi-coated will have the word "multicoating" written around the rim of the lens, usually in white lettering. If it doesn't say that then it's either single coated or uncoated.

26-Apr-2007, 18:00
The German lens makers (Schneider and Rodenstock) are very careful about the details. If it is multicoated, it will be clearly indicated on the lens barrel. Schneider tend to spell it out and Rodenstock use the abbreviation 'MC'.

Greg Lockrey
26-Apr-2007, 18:50
Oops...I misswrote my meaning. The very old SA is not marked and probably either single or not coated. The 1971 SA does have the word "multicoated" on the rim.

Ben R
27-Apr-2007, 02:25
Thanks everyone