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Matus Kalisky
26-Apr-2007, 10:36

I bought a safelight recently - Kaiser Spectral 590. It produces light of 590nm wavelength - yellow-green.

My question is - is it actually suitable for BW printing (Ilford Fiber paper)?

Or - what is this safe light good for? I was surprised once I have seen the color - I expected that it should be deep red or so. (Yes - I doo miss quite a bit of knowledge here)



26-Apr-2007, 11:02
Check the paper. It should tell you what it can handle.

Dark green is for colour printing. The things are very dim.

Red is safe for most/all B&W paper.

Amber works with graded but not all VC paper.

I think that's right but always best to do a safelight test.

26-Apr-2007, 11:03

Try that for Kodak's view.

Bob Salomon
26-Apr-2007, 11:57
Yes. It is for color paper and variable contrast paper. The removable filter is for greater brightness with black and white.

If you like you can go to our web site www.hpmarketingcorp.com and then link to the Kaiser site. They have put all their brochures up on their site and the spectral 590 LED safelight is on the darkroom (Lab) brochure. It is also on page 237 of their full line catalog.

To eliminate confusion the Kaiser duka 50 sodium vapor safelight emits light at 589 nm.

The Duka 5 is for B&W only, including VC papers.