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26-Apr-2007, 06:14
Just found the forum... looks great!

I recently decided to buy a 4x5...currently I shoot medium format and digital... it looks like its going to be a fun venture into a new format... I look forward to learning from you guys and gals!!

Walter Calahan
26-Apr-2007, 06:35
You're from Philadelphia, New York!


26-Apr-2007, 08:44
Well not from Philly today... maybe thats another NY...LOL

To post up a little background about myself...

I have been shooting photography since around 1989, shot 35mm film up till 1998 and took a break till 2005 when my girlfriend and I decided to get back into it. We now run a small side business for various types of photography as well as myself being staff photographer for a local railroad museum. Last year myself as well as another working pro decided to start our own message board online dedicated to photography in the Northeastern USA...

My current equipment reads like someone who should be bankrupt...LOL

Canon 1D Mark II and 5D
Various Canon L Glass
Mamiya 645AF and 645 TL Pro
Various Mamiya Sekor Glass

And now my Toyo-Omega 45D with 150mm Rodenstock-Sinar

Scott Davis
26-Apr-2007, 10:47
Welcome to the forum...

if yours reads like someone broke, my gear list is someone broke AND insane:

Contax G1 +2 lenses
Hassy Xpan
Contax RX + four primes and a zoom
Shen Hao 4x5 + four to six lenses
Canham Wood Field 5x7 with six lenses (most shared with the Shen-Hao)
Zone VI 8x10 Ultralight with six lenses (some shared with the 5x7)
Century Master studio camera with 5x7 and 6 1/2 x 8 1/2 backs and two lenses
Hasselblad 500c/m outfit (in the process of selling off)
Graflex 22 TLR

and a bunch of odds and ends in a storage locker I haven't looked at in ages.

Walter Calahan
26-Apr-2007, 14:53
I'm always playing with people who simply say they are from NY.

It's a big state.

So are you from Buffalo, Glen Falls, Philadelphia?

That's right, there is a Philadelphia, NY. On State Highway 11 next to Fort Drum, northeast of Watertown.


Most downstaters have never heard of it 'cause they think New York is ONLY New York City.

So where are you from? I know it's not Philadelphia, PA. LOL.

26-Apr-2007, 14:54
LOL ok touche...LOL

I am from Clifton Park, NY which is about 10 miles north of Albany...=)

Walter Calahan
26-Apr-2007, 16:27
So do you know Tom Killips who works for the Record in Troy? He and I went to school together.

26-Apr-2007, 16:51
Name doesnt sound familier... the other admin on my site would probably know him if hes a sports photog. I *try* and stay away from the news photography whenever possible...LOL