View Full Version : ID11 stand processing

24-Apr-2007, 14:54
Just made up litres of the stuff and am thinking that standprocessing with it very dilute might be an option. Is it? Or is rodinal and pyro the only option for stand processing.

It's mainly FP4 I'm using . Possibly HP5

Donald Qualls
25-Apr-2007, 12:12
I haven't read about or seen results from stand processing with D-76 or ID-11, but I'd expect it to work under similar conditions to what works with HC-110 and Rodinal -- dilute to around 1/4 the normal strength (so 1+3 is likely to be good; 1+7 might be okay but likely too slow-working) and leave it stand for anywhere from 45 to 90 minutes (I'd probably start with 60-75 minutes for FP4+, 75-90 for HP5+).

Then you can tell us how well it worked, or what horrible results you got.

Do be aware that many developers have a relatively short life (due to oxidation) when diluted to these levels; if you're developing in a tray you may find the developer goes bad before you're done (and you may see considerable mottling or marks that look like a convection pattern from density-induced flow whorls, *especially* if you're getting oxidation-induced exhaustion).