View Full Version : Printing round and oblong.

Wayne Crider
24-Apr-2007, 08:07
I was wondering if anyone out there are printing round and oblong pictures. Not that you would need to use a lens that doesn't cover the format. I do tho have some lenses that would only produce a round image in my format, although they might be a little short for portraits. Any interest in this style out there?

Brian C. Miller
24-Apr-2007, 10:36
Usually this is done simply by using a vignette during printing.

Colin Robertson
24-Apr-2007, 13:41
Kerik Kouklis (try www.kerik.com ) has a beautiful gallery of circular platinum images. Lovely.

Wayne Crider
24-Apr-2007, 22:00
Thanks Colin, that's what I was looking for.