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Bob Tescione
24-Apr-2007, 07:41
Hello All:
I have an 80mm f 2.8 Noritar, originally for the Graflex XL, but now mounted on a board for my 6x9 Horseman. I havent been able to find out any specifications for this lens on the web. Since it was designed for the XL, it will cover the 6x9 format. I was wondering if it will cover the 6x12 format, as I also have a Horseman SW 612 for which I was considering having Fotoman make a lens cone for a lens in the 75-85mm range to go along with the 45mm Grandagon that I already have.

Can anyone help with suitable data for this lens?


Mark Sampson
24-Apr-2007, 08:37
Was that lens designed for the XL? The Norita was a Japanese designed and built camera, 2-1/4 sq., sold in the USA by Graflex. I wasn't aware of any commonality between the XL and the Norita. The only Noritar 80mm lens I've ever seen was in a breechlock mount for the Norita (which had a focal-plane shutter). Of course that was in 1973, and the camera store where I was the part-time stock boy sold both Graflex XL's and Noritas new. (short time out for a "those were the days" comment...)

Dan Fromm
24-Apr-2007, 10:06
Mark, an 80/2.8 Noritar in Copal #0 shutter was offered for the XL.

Bob, AFAIK the 80/2.8 Noritar, like the 80/2.8 Planar and Heligon that were alternatives to it for XL users, covers at best 6x7. And that's probably stretching a little. Remember, there were 6x6 and 6x7 roll holders for the XL in addition to 6x9.

Mark Sampson
24-Apr-2007, 10:48
I'll gladly stand corrected. At 17 years old, the Norita (like a giant 35mm SLR) seemed like a desirable camera, but I never used it, or saw another one. And in the summer of '73 when I worked in that store, no one bought either a Norita or a Graflex XL...

Mike Herring
24-Apr-2007, 17:28
We used them in the US Army during the Vietnam war. They were not bad. The Zeiss Planars of 80mm and 100mm which we also used on the Graflex XL, were some of the sharpest lenses I have ever used. (I know because I use to view the negatives via a loupe when I was printing them
Take care,

Patrik Roseen
25-Apr-2007, 01:24
Does anyone know how the Noritar 80mm f2.8 compares to a Schneider Xenotar 80mm f2.8?
And regarding image circle, are there more than one version of these lenses for different formats (although all being 80mm)?

Dan Fromm
25-Apr-2007, 02:54
Patrik, http://www.schneiderkreuznach.com/archiv/pdf/xr_xnt_66.pdf (1966) says 5/4, 91 mm circle. http://www.schneiderkreuznach.com/archiv/pdf/xr_xnt.pdf (1980) says the same.

Remember that fast double Gauss types don't have enormous coverage, unlike the slow 4/4 double Gauss wide angles.