View Full Version : Long-life paper developer/replenisher combo

23-Apr-2007, 16:57
Does anyone use long life paper developer?

I'm switching over partly due to not being young enough to haul a 20x24" print processor 1 metre against gravity up to the sink to empty at the end of print cycles. I've been looking at some home-made concoctions but need to sort out a set of scales first. I've been using Agfa Neutol (warm & cold) with Agfa papers; Tetenal for Oriental Seagull and now I'm switching back to Ilford multigrade with Paterson Acugrade (it's back!).

Interested to hear which paper developers people use here and how long they last in a print processor. Recommendations welcome - thanks.

23-Apr-2007, 17:23
Agfa Multicontrast is I think designed for this. Don't know if anybody still makes it.

With RC paper diluted 1:4 1 litre was rated for around 100 8x10s.

I use it in trays but in it's sealed bottle it seems to last forever between sessions.

24-Apr-2007, 07:39
Ansco 130.