View Full Version : where to get retaining ring for Kodak 100mm wide field ektar

23-Apr-2007, 15:53
I just purchased a Kodak 100mm wide field ektar. Can anyone tell me where to find a retaining ring and a lens board for this lense to fit a Crown Graphic 4 x 5. It is in a Kodak Flash Supermatic shutter. I'm new to large format and I'm not sure where to look.


Ed Haeuser

Vick Ko
23-Apr-2007, 17:34
Try here:




Walter Calahan
23-Apr-2007, 17:46
eBay for both the board and the ring is where I'd look first.

I've bought a few lens flanges from this eBay store: http://stores.ebay.com/artinprogress

There are always lens boards for Crown Graphics on eBay as well.

You might also contact Lens & Repro in New York. http://www.lensandrepro.com/

David Karp
23-Apr-2007, 17:58
Midwest Photo Exchange has lots of Graphic parts, including brand new lensboards. www.mpex.com.

23-Apr-2007, 18:11
Thanks, I'll check these places out. Does anybody know offhand what diameter hole I need in the board for this lens/shutter combination?


Walter Calahan
23-Apr-2007, 18:30
I looked up this shutter on Google, which sent me to eBay:


According to the seller of this shutter, the flange is 30mm.

23-Apr-2007, 19:00
thanks, I don't know why I didn't think of a search. It appears that i need slightly larger than a 38mm hole.