View Full Version : 8X10 Agfa APX100 dropped

David Grandy
1-Sep-2000, 15:00
I was just told by a retail photo dealer in Halifax, Nova Scotia that Agfa APX10 0 in 8X10 size will no longer be sold in Canada. Has anyone else heard about th is?

1-Sep-2000, 15:03
The APX100 in 8X10 was also dropped from the USA market last year.

Bill Smith
1-Sep-2000, 23:58
A well placed source in Kodak has told be that within a very short time, perhaps only a few years, there will be only a handful of large format films available. Primarily T-Max 100 in 4x5. Everything else from Kodak will be extinct or special order, and that will disappear in a short time.

Looks like we may all have digital backs for our cameras sooner than we thought.

Buy it now and buy a large freezer.


William Leviit
4-Sep-2000, 11:09
The Agfa 100 8X10 was also dropped in the German market. 5X7 and 9X12 are still being made.

Kevin J. Kolosky
5-Sep-2000, 22:36
I would imagine that if you were to get enough people together to make it worthwhile any company would make a special run for you. After all, if the are making it in 4 x 5 they are probably cutting it to that size. Shouldn't be all that hard to convince them to NOT cut it for a special run.