View Full Version : When was this Heliar made ?

Ken Lee
21-Apr-2007, 11:25

It appears to be single-coated, with a violet-colored coating.

Arne Croell
21-Apr-2007, 14:51
Between 1947 or so and 1972, when Zeiss-Ikon/Voigtländer stopped all LF lens production. If you give us the serial no. (it is usually on the back cell) it can be determined more precisely, but to my knowledge it never changed during that time, apart from the fact that the early ones have a bluish and the later ones a more magenta-violet coating color, and the last models came in modern shutters (Copal 3, Compur electric 3, Compur 3) and not the Compound III.

Ken Lee
21-Apr-2007, 15:30
Thank you very much Arne !

The rear portion of the lens barrel may have been repaired with some black paint. In any event, I can't see any serial number, or any writing on the back.