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21-Apr-2007, 07:29
Hello everyone,

My name is Raymond.
The reason I join this big family is because I need to feel the air of LFP.
I am an experienced photographer for over 7 years and I wish I could learn and share more with you.

Warm regards,

Ron Marshall
21-Apr-2007, 08:30
Welcome to the forum Raymond. I hope that soon you will be able to breath freely.

21-Apr-2007, 11:04
Hi Raymond,

It's great to have a an LF photographer from China here. Welcome and hope to see you around.

Best regards,


John Kasaian
21-Apr-2007, 21:04
Welcome! :)

Jan Pedersen
21-Apr-2007, 22:08
Hi Raymond,
Welcome on board.
No offence to the Chinese forum members but Raymond is Taiwanese.;)

21-Apr-2007, 22:35
Hi Raymond, welcome from Hawaii.

Ralph Barker
21-Apr-2007, 22:40
Welcome to the forum, Raymond. Nice to have you join us.

23-Apr-2007, 16:33
Heartfelt thanks for came by and say hi...^^

6-May-2007, 07:02
Welcome !
I Come From Taiwan ;hualien city

6-May-2007, 11:44
Hello, Raymond, Welcome!!!
I am actually headed there on June 2 to visit my girlfriends parents for the first time. I have a few questions. We are going to be in Taipei, then Chia-yi, then Eastern half of the Island then to some small island off the coast. Do you have any suggestions of where to go shoot over there, other than the sea of clouds on Alishan?
Also is there any large format stores over there?
Great to have you here!!!!!

8-May-2007, 18:33
Hi PBrooks,

How long would you stay? There are so many traditional building around Lukang area near by Chia-yi.
Historic sopt: traditional china building, temples and streets around 100 years.

Ref URL:

Meanwhile, there are many places to go as well.
For other temples, historic spots, folklore, festivals, museums, memorials and others, please tapping on the following URL, you may find a lots of pictures relevants:


Enjoy your stay and have fun.

Remark: my home town is somewhere around Tai-Chung city. Maybe we could meet up for a short while when you drop by.

Uri Kolet
8-May-2007, 19:37
Welcome from Vancouver, in the Canadian Rockies, Regards, Uri

dominikus bw
16-May-2007, 16:48
Hi Raymond, welcome to LF...
I think we're neighbour in South Asia, I'm from Indonesia...
enjo with LF, like me... :D