View Full Version : 250mm for 11x14??

Gene McCluney
20-Apr-2007, 16:29
Looking for recommendation for a 250mm (more or less) lens in shutter to cover 11x14 at infinity, stopped down moderately. Does not have to have much wiggle room. Any suggestions for an easy to find lens that is fairly modern (coated, X-sync shutter, etc)??

Don Hutton
20-Apr-2007, 16:45
Highly recommend a Kowa Graphic 240mm or a Computar f9 - they appear to be identical in this focal lengh (every Kowa I have seen covers the same as the Computar in the 240mm focal lengh). They fit straight into a Copal 3S - the easiest source for that is a Fujinon with a modern 3s (it will be labelled as such) or a Fujinar in a silver faced Copal 3 - these are in fact Copal 3S shutters. These lenses are outstnadingly sharp and comparatively light and compact. Drop me an email if you are interested in one. I have a spare...