View Full Version : A new Schneider 300mm lens... :)

jim kitchen
19-Apr-2007, 19:25
Check this lens out...


jim k

Ted Harris
19-Apr-2007, 19:33
LOL ... not like Adorama to make that sort of a goof ....

Walter Calahan
19-Apr-2007, 19:52
Guess they looking for the big bucks overseas buyers?

Jack Flesher
19-Apr-2007, 19:55
Hahahaha! It's set up for macro mode!

Anthony Lewis
20-Apr-2007, 02:55
Good spotting - who ever buys it, we should get them to let us know how they they are going with the lens.

20-Apr-2007, 19:53
stupid me I guess. What's the joke? doh it's backwards

Henri Lourdelet
21-Apr-2007, 05:57
I dont understand either. Please educate me !

21-Apr-2007, 06:01
I dont understand either. Please educate me !

Henri it appears that the front and rear elements are in the wrong side of the shutter.


21-Apr-2007, 08:24
That is absolutely H-I-L-A-R-I-O-U-S!