View Full Version : ERA 100 and jobo drum question

19-Apr-2007, 16:45
First off anyone have a time for ERA 100 in DDX or T-MAX they have calculated.

Also with a Jobo 5x4 drum what is the increased amount of chemicals required depth wise. My Colour drum is nice, but boring as I rock to and fro with it. So I feel I should persist with the Jobo. Plus colour is then a real option on a regular basis.

Thanks in Advance


20-Apr-2007, 17:40
I'm getting worried now ... no-one used era in DDX or does anyone know what emulsion I should treat this film like?


Jan Pedersen
20-Apr-2007, 21:40
No experience with DDX but it looks good in Xtol 1+1 10 minutes 20C 1 minute initial agitation and then 10 seconds each minute.
Hope you can transpose this somehow.

23-Apr-2007, 03:42
Thanks Jan. I'll spend a wee bit of time with what's on the massive dev chart and make a change over equasion. However I have just found some T-Max liquid dev. Which I still think is the best there is so I'll probably calculate for that.

The Jobo drum though is a 2 sheet only load until I get confident with it. It is nice that I can x-pro to my little heart is content.