View Full Version : ArtSoft v3.2.0 New Feature! And a good one!

18-Apr-2007, 16:07
ArtSoft now has a new feature for those of you out there who need to tracks your artwork sales and also know what pieces are assigned to what brick and motor gallery.

With this new feature, you can tag an image as represented in a gallery and when the potential collector views that particular artwork, it will tell them what gallery they can purchase the artwork from. If the artwork is not associated with a gallery they will be able to purchase it directly form you.

This new features does a few things. First it takes away the headaches of tracking what galleries have what artwork and also alleviates the issues of you competing against the gallery selling your work. This way you can still have the artwork in your galleries on your website, and when one of the pieces is wanted to be purchased, it tells the collector where they can acquire the piece from.

You can read about Artsoft at;


For an example of this new feature you can see how it would look to a collector here;
artsoft/sample.html (http://www.findtheimage.com/cart/lrg.php?n=118&c=6&i=0&p=0&q=2&cid=1&z=Almond+Grove&cp=SHOWNEW&stat=0&f=Y)

I added a second image to the test site so you can see one assigned to a gallery and one not assigned.

Another feature I added is that is you sell on eBay, you can flag the artwork or item as being sold on eBay. This will then give the potential collector or buyer a link to your eBay listings.

If you have any question, please feel free to contact me at anytime.

Thank you again,