View Full Version : Schneider & Sinar 150mm

18-Apr-2007, 14:23
Hello, I have two 5x4 150mm lenses:

A) Schneider Kreuznach Symmar-S, 5.6, Copal 0, M/C.

B) Sinar Sinaron S 1:5.6, 72 Degrees.

Can anyone give advive on the differences between these two lenses? Which is the better one?


Ling Z
18-Apr-2007, 14:52
Both are excellent, hard to tell which one is better. Sinar Sinaron S is Sinar cherry picked Rodenstock Apo-Sironar-N lens. Schneider Symmar-S was followed by its next generation, Apo-Symmar, which has been replaced with Apo-Symmar-L.

Gene McCluney
18-Apr-2007, 15:26
You know, while "some" of the newest lens designs may be "better" in some qualities, some lens lines were re-designed to work around optical glasses that are no longer available, and to eliminate some industrial processes that produce excessive pollution.

Frank Petronio
18-Apr-2007, 15:26
just keep whichever is in better condition, has a better shutter, etc. or better yet, do a film test comparision. Chances are they are very close, in which case you might do better selling the more valuable of the two (The Sinaron will be worth 10-20% more if both lenses are in similar condition and vintage.)

19-Apr-2007, 05:16
Thanks! I've done a bit of research and it seems the sinar lens is worth almost twice as much as the Schneider lens. I'll do a film test later to see what differences they have. Thanks again.

Jack Flesher
19-Apr-2007, 09:49
The Sinaron is more valuable, but you may find you like the smoother "look" the older Symmar generates more appealing...