View Full Version : Maco cube 400c in Rodinal?

18-Apr-2007, 13:47
I have exposed some 4x5" sheets of Maco cube 400C according to ISO 100. The only developer I have at hand is Rodinal. I know this is not a fine grain developer, but will this combination be acceptable? I have found developing times for ID-11 and D-76 to be 10 min (both) for ISO 400. Does anyone have a sound suggestion for a developing time for Rodinal and ISO 100??

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Svein L:)

Jan Pedersen
19-Apr-2007, 06:42
The Massive Dev Chart suggest 12 minutes at 20C 1+25 Those data are not always working out for everybody but would be a good starting point.

19-Apr-2007, 06:54
It really depends on what 'acceptable is for you'.

The tonal scale of the Maco 400C can seem flat at best. I tried 1:50 Rodinal and regretted it terminally. It may appear grainy/lumpy and lack a full tonal scale in this combination.

Maco Cube 400C is also a fine grained ISO400 film - perhaps that is one of the features I like most about it. Using Rodinal detracts from this quality.

If you can find Kodak HC110 (use Dilution B) you may be impressed with the negative. It does not have a clear base (blue) however is very sharp and grain-free when used this way. Whether it's because it's an energetic developer, I'm not sure..