View Full Version : Arca Swiss 4X5 to 6X9

Terry Hull
18-Apr-2007, 10:52
Is there a way to convert my 4X5 into a 6X9 using A/S standards, or is it the same as buying a complete 6X9 camera? My discovery is too heavy for backpacking, and I wonder, given the Arca system is this is possible.

Ling Z
18-Apr-2007, 11:35
Yes, that'll be an easy conversion. Just buy a 6x9 format set from an A/S retailer, such as badgergraphic or B&H.

Atul Mohidekar
18-Apr-2007, 19:52
One of these should do exactly what you are looking for:

Arca-Swiss 6x9 F-Line Format Set:

Arca-Swiss 6x9 F-Line Metric Format Set:

// Atul