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Dave Parker
18-Apr-2007, 10:47
Fred Lustig, the graflex repair person who has been around for many years now, and he assured me, he is still in the camera repair business and just acquired a very large selection of graphic parts from the Midwest...

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18-Apr-2007, 13:58
Fred is a great guy. I had dinner with him a few years back. He was recovering from a serious stroke. Glad he is doing so much better.

Chauncey Walden
18-Apr-2007, 14:08
Last night I saw a 4x5 Super D that he had just restored. That was one gorgeous camera. I can't imagine that it looked any better on day 1.

18-Apr-2007, 17:31
So how's he doing, Dave? I exchanged several phone calls with him during his recovery period. He's a really nice guy and does great work.

Dave Parker
18-Apr-2007, 18:40

He sounded quite good, considering all that went on, but he is thrilled to be back to doing cameras again, and you would have thought he won the lottery with all the stuff he was telling us he picked up.


Glenn Thoreson
18-Apr-2007, 19:13
I've sent him some stray parts in the past. I have a few more ready to go. Fred is a nice fellow and a pleasure to talk to. Thanks for the update.

Eric Rose
18-Apr-2007, 19:46
would be nice if you include his contact info.


Dave Parker
18-Apr-2007, 19:52

Anybody that wants Fred's Contact information is free to email me, I did not ask if okay to post on the websites, but he told me it was okay to let people know he was still repairing cameras..

The information however is still listed on the Graflex.org website..



Glenn Thoreson
19-Apr-2007, 21:29
One note on contacting Mr. Lustig: He only has his home phone. No internet presence. Please call during daylight (business) hours only.
Common courtesy, you know.

10-Aug-2007, 19:55
Mr. Lustig is working on one of my cameras right now, my 3x4 Graflex RB. He contacted me by phone in April to talk about what needed fixing and to let me know when it would be best to send it to him. He sounded great. I would never have guessed that he'd had health problems - he seems fully recovered. I sent the camera last month and I'm assuming it will be a while before he gets around to it. I'm sure his bench is full. BTW his contact info on graflex.org is correct.

11-Aug-2007, 00:31
Fred Lustig fixed my Superspeed Graphics and put a Grafloc back on my Miniature Speed Graphic. Top workmanship, excellent turn around. I keep telling him that he should make a DVD of his work for the sake of future generations.