View Full Version : Sooo what 5x7 B&W film are You shooting??

John Kasaian
17-Apr-2007, 16:24
I'm ready to order a box of HP-5+ for the Speed Graphic and also to use with the nuclear powered Agfa Ansco (with the Aero-Ektar up in front) and I'm open to alternatives----not that I'm unhappy with HP-5+, far from it in fact---I'm just curious what others here are shooting in 5x7 format. I'm also in the market for a 5x7 infrared film, if there is such a thing----is there? Have you used it and what are your impressions?

Walter Calahan
17-Apr-2007, 17:00

Not very cutting edge.

Richard Wasserman
17-Apr-2007, 17:18

I'm not very cutting edge either, I use FP-4 in all formats from 35mm to 8x10, develop it in Pyrocat, and it does everything I want. I think it's one of the great films, not that there aren't others...

Eric Woodbury
17-Apr-2007, 17:21
HP5+. It's the easiest to get and I've been using it forever.

Kevin Klazek
17-Apr-2007, 17:21
FP4 with the 5x7 Dorff. I really like the smooth tonality of FP4.

17-Apr-2007, 17:26

Jan Pedersen
17-Apr-2007, 17:40
Just about ready to shoot 5x7 with a reducing back on my 8x10.

As far as infrared film, Freestyle now list Efke IR in among others 5x7 Should be very intresting.

Jim Galli
17-Apr-2007, 17:58
Panatomic X. :cool:

Ron Marshall
17-Apr-2007, 18:16
HP5. Nice tonality, I like it for higher contrast lighting, and with XTOL 1:3.

Ben Hopson
17-Apr-2007, 18:17
When I manage to snag a few 5X7 holders I will be using HP5+. I just finished restoring a 8X10-5X7 back for the Dorff and don't have any holders yet.


17-Apr-2007, 18:28
FP4+ or Efke PL100 developed in Pyrocat or WD2D+. I really like PL100's tonality. Just ordered Tri-X to experiment with,


17-Apr-2007, 18:30
What, am I the only one shooting Efke 100?
I develop in Rollo Pyro.

17-Apr-2007, 18:46


Scott Davis
17-Apr-2007, 20:10
Fomapan 200 in Pyrocat HD. I rate it at 100. I'm souping for pt/pd printing, so I won't go into detail about my times/temps/dilutions because it is probably not what you're using yours for. It is a beautiful film though. (actually, I'm shooting the Arista.EDU Ultra variant of Fomapan 200... the stuff is so silly cheap that there's no reason not to. $35 for 50 sheets of 5x7! Less than 1/3 the price of Ilford, and as far as I can tell, comparable quality.

Ted Harris
17-Apr-2007, 20:15
Wellllll ..... for portrait and figure work on the studio I am still shooting Ektapan. I have about 150 sheets left. Not sure what I'll try when that is gone by the end of summer.

Pete Skerys
18-Apr-2007, 03:19
Good: J&C (Adox) 400; Gooder: Efke PL100; Goodest: FP-4

18-Apr-2007, 03:27
EFKE 100 in Rodinal!

evan clarke
18-Apr-2007, 03:41
Tmax 100 in FX37 1+5..EC

Matt Miller
18-Apr-2007, 05:20
Tmax 400. Expensive, but worth it.

Terence McDonagh
18-Apr-2007, 05:50
FP4 and Arista 200.

18-Apr-2007, 06:00
T-Max 400

Ken Lee
18-Apr-2007, 07:16
T-Max 400

Michael Alpert
18-Apr-2007, 07:27
HP-5, rated at ASA 320 or less.

18-Apr-2007, 07:56
PL 100 and Tri-X

Dave Aharonian
18-Apr-2007, 09:14
I'm using FP4 and I just started to use Efke PL25 - so far I quite like it.

18-Apr-2007, 09:58
Kodak 320TXP

Pat Kearns
18-Apr-2007, 10:22
TMax 400.

Ole Tjugen
18-Apr-2007, 11:43
FP4+ and APX100.

Scott Davis
18-Apr-2007, 12:02
Ole- you don't shoot as many varieties of film as you have lenses and cameras??? :D

Ole Tjugen
18-Apr-2007, 12:14
Scott - I also have Perutz Peromnia plates, Ilford HP3 plates, and a few boxes of Europan and Efke PL25 and 100. But I haven't used these, since I still have a large supply of APX100 (in 13x18cm) and FP4+ (in 5x7"). I tend to use AXP when shooting only BW, and FP4 when shooting colour as well. Why? All my colour film is 13x18cm, whic makes it nice to keep BW and colour in different-sized holders. I can even unload into the same box, and sort by size before processing. :)

Amund BLix Aaeng
19-Apr-2007, 15:25
TXP and Foma 200

John Bowen
19-Apr-2007, 17:40

Skip Abadie
22-Apr-2007, 20:34
T-Max 400 and some Ektapan that expired 10 years ago.

23-Apr-2007, 00:53
HP5+ (in 13X18) and Foma 200 (5x7)

In the freezer are Efke PL100 in 13X18 and 5x7. Also planning to cut-down some 8x10 E6-Astia to 5x7 later this spring.

Morten :-)

23-Apr-2007, 02:12
Got a few boxes of APX 100 in 13x18 left, have ordered some HP5+ (also 13x18, but I only believe it when I see it), and some classic Pan 200 13x18 should be on the way.

Edgar Praus
26-Apr-2007, 12:39
T-Max 100 with XTOL (1:1) - Very Sweet!!