View Full Version : Airport X-Ray vs LF Sheet film

Paul O
17-Apr-2007, 13:26
Hi. I am travelling to Iceland this year from the UK and was hoping to take plenty of Fuji Quickload film - however, I have just realised that it is not recommended to pack unexposed/unprocessed film in checked luggage. However, restrictions on hand luggage mean that I will be limited to the number of Quickload sheets I can carry. Is there any way of safely carrying film in checked luggage? Or is it a definite "no-no". I recall a lead-lined pouch for roll film and wondered if there is a similar option for sheet film? Maybe I need a rethink and should forget Quickload and simply deposit boxes of regular 5x4 sheet film about my person and pack a load of darkslides and a changing tent! Any advice will be appreciated! Paul

Ron Marshall
17-Apr-2007, 15:10
Even with a lead bag you are risking your film if it is in checked luggage.

Robert Ley
17-Apr-2007, 15:10
One strategy is to ship the film ahead, either to a friend or to FedEx for pickup when you arrive. Check with FedEx or DHL for this possibility. I would not count on buying film in Iceland.

Gene McCluney
17-Apr-2007, 16:06
If you must, check your camera gear, in order to carry on more film. Or check all your clothes. Always carry on film. The carry-on X-ray machines have been proven to not hurt film even with multiple passes.

17-Apr-2007, 16:34
Before I switched to loose sheets and holders exclusively, I removed the foil package from the box and could fit an extra 8 or so loose Ready/QuickLoads in the box. I used a $20 nylon attache case from Staples as my "personal" carryon. With all the zip pockets it had, I could carry several dozen sheets on board, plenty for most purposes.