View Full Version : what is the actual picture size of a 6X9 rollback.

dave schlick
13-Jun-2000, 23:29
what is the actual picture size of a 6X9 rollback.. one i put a deposit on today is 2 1/4 x 3 1/4 or 57x 82 mm (cutout in the back size).. im hoping its a 6x 9. ffffg

14-Jun-2000, 00:21
Yes, 6x9 indeed measures about 57x82.

neil poulsen
14-Jun-2000, 00:57
I've seen the 8 exposure backs come both ways, in 6x8 and 6x9. In fact, I own one of each size. It's best to check before purchasing, if you want a particular size.

Ellis Vener
14-Jun-2000, 14:22
Different backs from different manufacturers have different frame lengths. It so unds like you are looking at a Horseman back.

David Haardt
2-Jun-2001, 07:48

I have a 23 Graphic 6x9 roll film back which produces pictures sized 56x83 mm. You should know that all roll film formats containing "6cm" are just using 56mm (5.6cm) - and if you multiply 5.6 with 1.5, you'll get 8.4cm (84mm), so this should be normal. 6x6 is 56x56mm, 6x4.5 is 56x42mm, 6x7 is 56x70mm (exactly 4:5 proportion). Hope this helps.