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jj golden
16-Apr-2007, 20:04
i took this picture this evening with a 210mm wollensak lens with no shutter, first time ever tried that, the exposure was f45 at 8 sec on 4x5. i had no stop watch (forgot it at home) it was about 7:30 so i knew i could get a long exposure, i just wanted to get an image of something and try out the lens, so i chose this little waterfall. i put the darkcloth over the lens then pulled the slide out, removed the cloth and started doing the one mississippi thing. my question is on these lenses is it normal to be sharp in the foreground and blurry in the back ground? i had the lens stopped all the way down, or is it that i overexposed? the negative was very dark. i might have went one mississippi to long:eek: or perhaps i didnt have it focused good. well thanks in advance.

Eric Rose
16-Apr-2007, 20:15
exposure looks good but the dof looks a bit shallow for f45.

jj golden
16-Apr-2007, 20:30
thats what i was thinking

jj golden
16-Apr-2007, 21:11
i think i know what happend, i had the back tilted, i cant remember which way, but it was tilted pretty good, i think thats what may have happend.

Pete Watkins
16-Apr-2007, 23:07
In case you forget the stopwatch again most mobile phones have a built in stopwatch. Looks like you had the back tilted back. Never mind, I like it.
best wishes,

Gene McCluney
17-Apr-2007, 09:57
I have been counting exposures "one-thousand-and-one, one-thousand-and-two" for 40 years now. Works for me.

Your out-of-focus issues are just camera tilt and shift errors.

17-Apr-2007, 10:08
There's no problem shooting with shutterless lenses. That's how it all started anyway :)

In the past couple months I've used a packard shutter, a lens cap, the dark cloth, my hand (!!) and even modified an old leaf shutter (similar to a packard) to work on a spring and cable release!

This is using the lens cap - Ross Xpres

This is using my hand


They were all test shots, nothing special. Newest first, the earlier two were poorly developed as Kodalith Ortho can be tricky sometimes.