View Full Version : When I enlarge my pictures they come out fuzzy

Robert Perry
30-Aug-2000, 04:23
What do I need to do to get quality prints when I enlarge my photos?


30-Aug-2000, 07:13
Quality negatives and sound technique!!!!!!!!!!!!

Trevor Crone
30-Aug-2000, 07:23
Robert for people to help you with this problem you need to provide more information as to your working methods, equipment etc. Good luck,

Bob Salomon
30-Aug-2000, 07:24
Good negative, quality enlarging lens used within its' optimization range and within its' optimal aperture range. Critically aligned enlarger Glass negative carrier proper enlarging and processing technique

Rob Tucher
30-Aug-2000, 18:14
One other thing to add. Many negatives seem to be sharp only to fall apart when enlarged because, at contact size, you don't see that they are out-of-focus. A good lupe for focusing on the ground glass is a must. I didn't realize that my close-up vision was going but started to have enlargment problems. Turned out that what I thought were sharp negatives were not, because I used to have perfect eyesight and could focus on the ground glass unaided, but it failed and what I thought was in focus was not. Enlargments just made it obvious.

Michael S. Briggs
30-Aug-2000, 23:03
It would help if you provided more information. The first thing to check is that your negatives are sharp. Have you examined the negative carefully with a loupe of the same or higher power as the enlarging magnification? Try scratching a sharp line on a bad piece of film and seeing how it looks on a print. Are you using a grain magnifier? If so, does that image look sharp? What enlarging lens are you using? What stop are you using it at? Is this black and white or color?