View Full Version : darkroom and white walls

Raven Garrow
24-Jun-1998, 22:09
I will be setting up a darkroom in my kitchen, so I really can't alter the white counters, white refridgerator and some white wall space.

I was wondering how this will effect things. I will be purchasing a Thompson saf e light, if that helps to answer this question.

Also, does anyone know where to purchase black out cloth? Not the black plastic, but black cloth that has sort of a rubber like backing.

Thanks, Raven

Raven Garrow
24-Jun-1998, 22:12
P.S. The cabinets are dark, but the ceiling is white.

Alan Gibson
25-Jun-1998, 06:38
It may sound strange, but white is a good colour for darkrooms, because it sprea ds the safe light around very nicely. (Similarly, black is a good colour for stu dios, because it gives you better control of the light).

However, watch out for the area around the enlarger, especially shiny surfaces l ike ceramic tiles. If the enlarger leaks white light, this can fog the photo pap er, so you could paint the surrounding area black.

Brian Ellis
25-Jun-1998, 22:48
If you get the Thomas safe light I suggest you get it with the right to return i t within 15 days or so and immediately perform a good safe light fogging test as outlined in Ansel Adams' book "The Print" or as recommended by Kodak. Kodak's t est is a little more involved than Ansel Adams' test as I recall. I suggest this because the Thomas light is notorious for creating fogging problems.