View Full Version : Who is paying and can we contribute?

Don Boyd
16-Apr-2007, 07:55
Frank Petronio last asked the question here:


From a user's perspective, this forum site runs so smoothly it is easy to take its continued existence for granted. A big THANK YOU to Brian Reid for the "system, space and bandwith", and to all of the moderators for your time and effort - Ralph Barker, Ted Harris, Neil Poulsen and Tom Westbrook - and to everyone else who has made this site and its wealth of information possible. Please let us know if there is any financial contribution we can make to assure its continuation.

Kirk Gittings
16-Apr-2007, 09:11
I've tried. These guys are untouchable.

Ralph Barker
16-Apr-2007, 11:18
$100 per word might let us quit our day jobs. ;)

But, that might diminish the value by encouraging overly-terse posts.

Jeremy Moore
16-Apr-2007, 11:26

Don Boyd
16-Apr-2007, 11:50
You guys are going to have to lower the number of minimum charcters from 3!

Ralph Barker
16-Apr-2007, 18:37

adrian tyler
18-Apr-2007, 01:14
whole-heartedly agree with the sentiments of the poster, my lf "learning curve" has been short and effective, which would have been impossible otherwise here in spain, thanks to the generosity of people on this forum. certainly you can't take this for granted in the "developed" (joke) world today!

18-Apr-2007, 05:51
All I know is there are a lot of pints I owe people on here who have been really generous. I'll have to own a free house one day to repay you all :D

Dave Aharonian
18-Apr-2007, 09:35
I admit I'm more of a lurker as I haven't posted much over the years, but the information I've aquired here has been absolutely tremendous and if it ever came down to it, I'd gladly pay to have this forum continued!

Stan. L-B
22-Apr-2007, 07:33
By reason of age I have been around quite a while and consequently delveloped an acute bargain sense, one of the few advantages of hanging in there.

I am willing to make a subscription to keep this Large Format Photography site up and running, there is no other worth considering.

My thanks to all for the entertainment and information proffered over the years.