View Full Version : the end of T color negs ?

16-Apr-2007, 00:52
no more Kodak160NPL, and no more Kodak 160T... it looks like they both stopped this type of product !

16-Apr-2007, 01:18
just in case !
Source 3400°K............. Kodak Wratten N°80B
Films 160 NC et VC : 50 Iso
Films 400 NC et VC : 125 Iso
Films 800 : 250 Iso

Source 3200°K............. Kodak Wratten N°80A
Films 160 NC et VC : 40 Iso
Films 400 NC et VC : 100 Iso
Films 800 : 200 Iso

Kirk Gittings
16-Apr-2007, 07:38
That is because T or long exposure fims are not necessary in color negative films. I have used NPS, 160 Pro and the Kodak equivalents for all lighting conditions and long exposures for many years completely unfiltered. Whether making C prints or scanning, there was never any problem correcting them back. The film manufacturers figured this out too.