View Full Version : masking for a non-contact print

15-Apr-2007, 18:21

I've got a neg that needs the top half burned in significantly more (3x) than the bottom half. The problem is that simple burning in won't work--the horizon line is pretty complex. I tried making a print and cutting it out to use it as a mask but thats not working either.

I'm wondering if there's any info out there on how to make a better mask... maybe up at the neg's level instead of at the print's.



Brian Ellis
15-Apr-2007, 22:52
IIRC there were several articles by Alan Ross in View Camera magazine (or maybe it was Photo Techniques but I think it was View Camera) a couple years ago about various masking techniques, including masking negatives I believe. I no longer have my back issues of View Camera but perhaps someone here could give you a cite and then you could order the particular issues from the magazine.

Eric Biggerstaff
16-Apr-2007, 08:32

Brian is correct, Alan did a series for View Camera on making D/B masks that would be a big help for you. You can get them from Alan at www.alanrossphotography.com. The techniques are simple and it will do what you are asking. Alan will charge a small fee but it is well worth the price.