View Full Version : long lens for 4x5

12-Jun-2000, 16:56
I would like to buy (sometime in the near future) a 12in lens for my 4x5 but one that would also cover 8x10.I am considering the 12in commercial ektar and the f uji 300 f9.Any experience with either of these lenses is helpful.-J

neil poulsen
12-Jun-2000, 17:20
Published image circle for a 300mm Commercial Ektar is 380mm, which is so-so for 8x10. As one alternative, I would suggest a Caltar S-II 300mm, which is actually a Symmar-S. This has a published image circle of 420mm. This lens will also have improved contrast. EBay is a good place to find this and other reasonably priced lenses.

Glenn Kroeger
12-Jun-2000, 19:41
I have used the 300mm f/8.5 Fujinon C. Very nice lens... VERY small and light.

12-Jun-2000, 21:59
Glenn have you used the fuji on an 8x10? I will look into the caltar but i think it might be too expensive. -J

Bruce Gavin
12-Jun-2000, 23:56
Another inexpensive solution would be the Schneider G-Claron lenses. They are smaller and less expensive than a plasmat in 300mm, but still have the coverage required.

James Chow
13-Jun-2000, 00:08
The Nikkor 300/9 M is also a popular alternative. My guess is that a plasmat will perform better on 8x10, but there's a major cost/weight difference.

Glenn Kroeger
13-Jun-2000, 01:07
Josh: I have not used the Fujinon on 8x10... another active thread suggests that the M-Nikkor may not do real great near the edges of the field due to the Tessar design, but the Fujinon is not optically like the Nikkor.

Chad Jarvis
13-Jun-2000, 07:19
Consider a 12 inch Goerz RD Artar as well. Sharp as a tack and easily covers 8x10.

mark eban
14-Jun-2000, 09:11
There was a review of the Commercial Ektar a while back in Photo Techniques. The basic conclusion was that it was a good lens for its time but prone to flare by comparison with modern lenses: half the price but dont expect the same look to the shadows.