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robert fallis
15-Apr-2007, 09:55
I have two old lens, for my home built 5x4, one is a Mayer-gorlitz trioplen .
the other a Voigtlander Skoper, they are both in shutters but the Voigtlander is not
too hot, the other is in a Ibsor shuuter which is fine, the lens elements are interchangeable
between both shutters, so is it worth changing the Mayer-gorlitz lens for the voigtlander? which is the better ?


Ole Tjugen
15-Apr-2007, 10:07
The Trioplan is a triplet, the Skopar is a Tessar.

Your choise - but the Skopar should be the sharper lens.

Uli Mayer
15-Apr-2007, 15:20
Why not use the Trioplan before switching lenses, especially if it's a fast one?

Early Trioplans were made as fast as F3.5-3.8 in focal lengths up to 480mm. Of course this couldn't be achieved without sacrificing some covering power and definition. But in earlier times this wasn't always considered a shortcoming. Some softness and added "Flächigkeit" (coherence in image areas ?) where not much detail is needed might be welcome for portraits and landscapes even today - plus the extra stop of speed.

robert fallis
20-Apr-2007, 14:51
have tested both lens, the vogitlander skopar is the sharpest and most suited to my needs, so I now have a voigtlander lens in a Ibsor shutter, and lots of prints of the same subject