View Full Version : 5x7 T Max Film Availability

Michael Kadillak
29-Aug-2000, 21:53
Recent postings talked about the demise of Kodak T Max 100 5x7 sheet film. I bec ame concerned about having enough in stock and ordered 2 boxes of 100 sheets and they had it in inventory. Good news.

I do not have a problem with having enough film for a rainy day, but can anyone verify if this was a marketing gimick by Kodak to assess the market for 5x7 T Ma x or was I fortunate to find this film in 5x7 and consider another similar purch ase in the not to distant future?


Brian Ellis
30-Aug-2000, 00:29
I was told by someone who deals extensively with Kodak that Kodak was discontinuing all 5x7 film, not just T Max.

David F. Stein
30-Aug-2000, 00:50
Wish Kodak would communicate better with the large format users. My understanding is that these films would be subject to special order, no more 100 sheets at a time sales; possibly the same scenario in 11x14. Yes, I did call Kodak but couldn't get a definitive answer.

Chad Jarvis
30-Aug-2000, 12:38
You know, this whole Kodak 5x7 thing is downright weird to me. When I first got a 5x7 back for my Deardorff, I could not find any Plus-X, which is what I use for 8x10, so I started using TMX 100. I never really liked TMax and was THRILLED (after hundreds and hundreds of sub-par negs) to find 5x7 Plus-X at Adorama and bought some. Why suddenly would Plus-X appear and TMax (or the whole 5x7 line) be taken off the market? Has Plus-X been available all along and I just didn't know it? It would be unfortunate to lose 5x7 as a format, and let's face it, if Kodak drops "commercial" 5x7, we will be on a very slippery slope toward that end. Is Ilford next? I understand the business decision on Kodak's behalf; the volume's just not there. Too bad. It's a wonderful format.

Michael Kadillak
30-Aug-2000, 13:53
Thanks for all of your articulate responses. I sincerely hope that the new interest I am reading about in the 5x7 format in the United States will result in another film manufacturer from abroad filling this niche such as Agfa. I have not tried their films but would be willing to give it a try. In the meantime, I am preparing to enter the methadone program for ex 5x7 T-Max consumers as I could not see me cutting my 8x10 sheets down to 5x7 if I have an alternative B&W film to go to. What Agfa film and developer combination would you recommend?

30-Aug-2000, 17:44
Not to spread rumors (but that's what I'm doing), but I read on another board that Agfa is stopping product of ALL sheet film! This may be in reality IMPORTATION into the U.S. - I don't know, and I haven't contacted Agfa myself yet. Anyone have experience cutting 8x10 into 5x7? Tips would be appreciated.

30-Aug-2000, 17:47
Sorry - reread the post on the other board. Agfa is stopping production of 8x10 only (do they even make 5x7?).

William Leviit
31-Aug-2000, 17:44
Afga does make 5X7 sheet film in both ASA 25 and 100. It is atleast available here in Germany and I had a Agfa rep visit me in my studio a few weeks ago and there was no talk of it being discontinued. But just because it is available in Germany doesn't necessarily mean it will (is) available in the US. Kodak for instance does NOT sell ANY FB black&white enlarging paper in Germany at all. I always wanted to try the Polymax FB paper. I guess I'll just have to bring some back with me during my next trip to the States.