View Full Version : Lens extension on Nikon Nikkor W 210mm

Jean Nightingale
14-Apr-2007, 09:37
Hello everyone,
I have just purcheased the Nikon Nikkor W 210 lens for some architectural detail in the cathedral. I have discovered I need to be a long way fron subject to get focus.The extent of my rail will give me little more than 7.5 inches bellows extension (from lens to ground glass). Looking at john Cooks article on the home page it looks like I would need to add on about a 1/3 stop for this extension with this lens. Am I about correct? Also how much shift can I use, as I heard it has a large circle.Any other advice on using this lens appreciated
Thanks Jean

Gene McCluney
14-Apr-2007, 13:12
You need about 8.4 inches of bellows draw to focus this lens at infinity. More if your focus is closer. This lens has plenty of room for movements on 4x5.