View Full Version : Copal 0 shutter too easy to move

Eric Woodbury
13-Apr-2007, 13:44
I have a new to me and pretty new lens in a Copal 0 shutter. The f-stop setting is so easy to move I'm scared that it will move on its own. Is there a way to adjust it so that there is some drag? Should I put something between the setter and the lensboard?

Thanks. EW

Kevin Crisp
13-Apr-2007, 13:52
Eric: Even new shutters have some variation in how hard it is to move the aperture adjustment. I have one shutter, in particular, that moves very, very easily. After a CLA (by Mr. Grimes) it doesn't even have the usual detents to slow it down. Frankly I now wish all my shutters moved so easily.

There is no chance that it will change when in place on a camera. If it gets really stiff, as some do, then there is a chance you might accidentally move the adjustment of the camera while pushing on the lever, but there is really no downside to having one like yours. Yes, you could put a shim in it to put some more drag on it, but that is a lot of trouble to fix something that isn't broken. I really recommend you leave it alone. This is not a problem.

Eric Woodbury
13-Apr-2007, 14:25
Kevin, it is just so unlike my other 10 shutters and soooooooo easy. I could touch it slightly and get it to move from f/9 to f90. It needs something to dampen it.

Kevin Crisp
13-Apr-2007, 14:41
I know, I know. If it bothers you that much send it to Carol at Flutot's and tell her you need it stiffened up. A little grease should do it.

Wilbur Wong
14-Apr-2007, 09:24

I purchased a lens in Copal 1 a couple of months ago for which the aperture ring had the opposite problem. I had to really push on it for it to move. It had come from an estate and had not been in use for at least 6 years. The "drag or dampening" is solely dependent on viscous grease between the aperture adjusting plate and the shutter body. It comes off easily by removing the two tiny screws which make the connection from the plate to the internal diaphraghm mechanism. I cleaned off the offending aged gummy grease and relubricated it with "Super Lube" synthetic grease. (The lens was mfgd in 1987).

Since then I realized that many of my other copals have become a bit loose over the past 2 to 3 decades perhaps not so much as your lens. So I relubricated those as well and I am now happy with all of them. Use it sparingly, I also use it as an invisibly thin film on my focusing gear racks. The manufacturer claims it repels dust and dirt which may or may not be substantiated, but I believe that it doesn't age like petroleum based greases. I doubt you could find any locally, I purchased mine on line direct from Synco.

Best wishes to your problem.

Wilbur Wong
14-Apr-2007, 10:46

I realized that the Copal 0 shutters are slightly different from the design of the Copal 1's. On the Copal 0 the referred to adjustment ring or plate is beneath a secondary retaining plate which is attached by 3 screws. The viscous surface on these are between the adjustment ring and the upper retaining plate. The same theories apply. Just be careful if you attempt to relubricate this. Work on top of a white towel and don't lose the screws. On the 0's the screws are probably slotted, on the 1's I have both slotted and phillips on different shutters. The screws are extremely tiny so take great care in handling them.