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13-Apr-2007, 11:21
Hi there - hope this isn't too stupid a question for this forum :-)

I typically use a 105mm lens on my 5x4 Cambo....

But have recently bought (off eBay!) a 180mm Nikkor F128 lens in nice condition.

I am assuming this is/was an enlarger lens?

Can I use it on my Cambo (hope so) and if so what shutter size would I need? The thread on the back seems to be about/approx 50mm ?

Also - there are two dials on the lens - one for the aperture - the other runs from 0-90..

Any help much appreciated :-)

Neil Purling
13-Apr-2007, 11:32
Perhaps you had better tell us what is engraved on the lens as I am sure you may have mis-read something.
A 180mm f128? It makes my 150mm f16 Wray seem lightning fast!
If you aren't too sure what you have try attaching a digital photo or two to your reply. Or post a link to the auction if the auction photos are still accessible.

13-Apr-2007, 11:37
Apo-NIKKOR 1:9 f=180mm Nippon Kogaku Japan (exactly as inscribed on the lens)

Fstops run from 9 to 128 (smoothly without clicks)

I suspect it was originally a process or graphics lens?

Oren Grad
13-Apr-2007, 11:51
Yes, it's a process lens.

If it's not a direct fit to a Copal shutter - see specifications here (http://www.skgrimes.com/products/index.htm) - mounting in shutter will likely cost more than just buying a lens intended for general use, already in shutter. Even if it is a direct fit, the cost of a new shutter alone, or a used one in good condition, often approaches or exceeds the cost of a lens complete with shutter.

13-Apr-2007, 11:53
Yup hard to justify mounting a 180mm process lens today. Unless you use a packard shutter or a hat.

Gene McCluney
13-Apr-2007, 11:55
Nothing wrong with using a Packard shutter on the back of the lensboard. With a minimum f-stop of 128, you could even do outdoor shots at the 1/30 (approx) speed that a Packard is capable of when set to instantaneous.

13-Apr-2007, 12:59
Ah well....

I will probably mount this and just use the lens cap....


Ernest Purdum
13-Apr-2007, 16:18
A Packard is certainly a possibility, but a relatively small narrow-angle process lens like yours is a particularly good candidate for front-mounting on a large older inter-lens shutter like a Wollensak Alphax or Betax. The cost is only a fraction of that required to mount the cells onto a Copal.

If you consider this, I'd suggest getting the lens somehow onto a lensboard and seeing if the image circle is large enough for your needs before spending any money.

I have no experience with this particular lens, but I know that similar lenses produce excellent results at infinity when stopped down to f22 or smaller (but forget about f128). I think you may find yourself lucky to have found it.

20-Apr-2007, 11:18
thanks I will try that!