View Full Version : Ebony 8x10 to 4x5 reducing back

12-Apr-2007, 13:55
I have an Ebony 8x10 with a very nice reducing plate; however, no graflock mechanism for holding the film magazines. Any ideas about attaching such, or am I simply ignorant regarding the use of this rather unusual looking plate?

Keith Pitman
12-Apr-2007, 13:57
Looks like it's been swiped.

12-Apr-2007, 14:09
It came with a secondary reducing adapter that is great for those Horseman 2x3 rollfilm backs, but I wanted to shoot some 4x5 sheets for calibration if possible. I didn't see any graflock type mechanism on the Ebony website.

Walter Calahan
12-Apr-2007, 14:27
Yep you need to find the 4x5 GG attachment frame for this. You can check eBay, or call an Ebony shop that sells this to see if you can buy a replacement. OR, perhaps someone here has a spare?

You need something like this that fits an Ebony:

Paul O
12-Apr-2007, 14:58
The reducing back should look like this ... something's missing!

Paul O
12-Apr-2007, 15:00
I think you need to add one of these?

Don Hutton
12-Apr-2007, 15:00
I sold the reducing plate to Alex - I bought it without the GG assembly because I used an Ebony 4x5 too. He needs a GG assembly for a 4x5 Graflock style back. It's a reducing plate - not a complete reducing back.

12-Apr-2007, 15:40
That does clarify the mystery gentelman. Don certainly informed me on the front end that he did not have a 4x5 graflock. I'm guessing I'll need to pick one of those up at a dealer because it seems unlikely I'll find that part sold alone here or on Ebay.