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Wayne Crider
12-Apr-2007, 09:31
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Emmanuel BIGLER
12-Apr-2007, 09:48
80 mm componon mounted on a shutter : I would say either #00 or #0
My understanding is that the componon is a f/4 or f/5.6 lens
F/2.8 Rolleiflex and Hasselblad 80 mm planars required a #0 shutter
But for a 80 mm @f/4 or f/5.- a #00 might work ; 75mm f/3.5 Rolleiflex lenses used a #00 synchro-compur.
If you can check for the lens mounting you'll imediately see whether you have a #0 or a #00
a #0 has a lens mounting ring thread = M32.5x0.5mm and rear lens element thread of M29.5x0.5 mm as taken from this reference document :

Another useful compilation
suggests that the mounting ring for the #00 is M25x0.5 mm (at least for the #00 compur.)

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Dan Fromm
12-Apr-2007, 09:49
Have you considered removing the cells from the shutter and measuring?

Wayne Crider
12-Apr-2007, 09:58
I can't see to edit this thread anymore so I'll post the question over.

The Synchro Compur I have is a #00 VXM: Found out on the Grimes site. Duh. The current cells in the shutter are 80mm Componon's. My question is if there are other cells that might fit the shutter; Spec's here:

Dimensions in Millimeters #00

front lens thread M22.9-0.5
back lens thread M22.9-0.5
overall thickness 16.0
front to iris 9.3
mount flange thread M25.0-0.5
lensboard hole 26.3
iris (Max) 17.4

thanks for the help.

Emmanuel BIGLER
12-Apr-2007, 10:05
My question is if there are other cells that might fit the shutter;
If I remember well there were some 65mm f/8 super-angulons that used the #00 synchro compur. Plus the SA 47 F/8 and the old angulon 65 6.8 (thanks to the Schneider archive)

Sometimes photo forums advertise against these lenses because the #00 no longer exists.

[now strictly off topic]
Plus of course dozens of German lenses built in 35mm consumer cameras of the fifities and sixties.
Plus all Rolleiflex TLR 75/3.5 lenses ;-)

Wayne Crider
12-Apr-2007, 15:15
Thank you sir...

Per Madsen
12-Apr-2007, 21:01
The oldest versions of the Super-Angulon 90/8 used the 00 shutter too.

Somewhere in the sixties Schneider switched to 0 shutters for the 90/8

My Super-Angulon is from 1961 and in a 00 shutter.

Dan Fromm
13-Apr-2007, 02:52
58/5.6 Grandagon goes in #00 too.