View Full Version : Rodenstock / Caltar II N 90/4.5 questions

Bob Bell
11-Apr-2007, 21:40
I have a chance to get one of the newer ones (green stripe) for $600 and before I say yes I want to find out if I will have any issues with it on a Shen Hao 4x5? I am pretty sure it will be fine with a flat lensboard but I don't know much about it since i have been researching the 6.8. I plan to use it on outdoor architecture such as ruins and so forth and very wide landscapes. I have a satin snow GG in it right now in case that helps in a decision. Let me know what you think.

Frank Petronio
11-Apr-2007, 21:52
That is a great price for a great lens... idk about the Shen but if you like the 90mm focal length that is about the best ever -- I'd buy it and upgrade the camera if I had to in order to use it.

David Karp
11-Apr-2007, 22:03
Frank is right. If the lens is in good shape it is a great price.

I have an older version of this lens and it is just great.

It will be big and heavy on the front of a field camera. I don't have any idea if the front standard is strong enough or not. It is big and heavy, but it has a large image circle and it is far easier to focus the lens than it is to focus an f/8 version. The filters are 82mm.

Don't know about movements with the standard bellows, but the Shen takes a bag bellows doesn't it?

At that price, it would be hard to pass up.

Ted Harris
12-Apr-2007, 06:46
It is nearly stealing at that price!! The new price is now around $1400. You should be able to use it without a bag bellows; when I owned one I never used a bag bellows with it (used it on a Horseman FA and a Phillips 4x5) and never had any problems. The Shen's front standard might be a bit light for the lens but don't let that stop you :).

Bob Bell
12-Apr-2007, 06:51
You guys have me sold on it. I sent the guy an email.

12-Apr-2007, 21:38
That lens sucks. I suggest looking into another lens.

PS: can I have that "guy's" email address?

Bob Bell
12-Apr-2007, 22:02
his email address is 999nevermind@haha.com :)

13-Apr-2007, 12:12
You should be fine using that lens on a shen-hao. It's ~ 1.5 lbs. spec'd. The shen will be plenty strong to handle the lens. If you don't use it on a recessed board, I'd highly recommend a bag bellows. It will be much easier to use.