View Full Version : Horseman 45 LXC/45 FA

Rene Z. Quan
23-Jun-1998, 04:15

I shall appreciate comments from anyone who's had expereince with either of thes e two cameras. What are their pros and cons? They are very well made but it ap pears that they aren't too popular in the USA. Perhaps it has to do with the fa ct that Horseman hasn't been too active in marketing it in the US (almost like L inhof, of which the Horseman resembles. Thanks...rene

Ellis Vener
25-Jun-1998, 01:02
rene, I used one for six months, it is a good camera for studio work but too heavy and IMHO clumsy for location work. On the other hand I am biased towards base tilt cameras like the ARCA-Swiss and the Sinar because of their ease of use. Ellis