View Full Version : Anyone use Polaroid Type 79 (Color ISO 100)

Bob Bell
10-Apr-2007, 19:45

I am thinking about using Type 79 in a 545 holder but I cannot seem to find much info on it. Anyone have any experience using this and what shutter speeds it can handle? I was thinking of using this in conjunction with Provia 100F to text exposure and such.

william linne
10-Apr-2007, 21:09
As far as I know, that was discontinued a while back.

Gene McCluney
10-Apr-2007, 22:59
I use it everyday. It is not discontinued. I test with it, for shooting my studio staple Ektachrome EPP ISO 100 4x5 slide film. Your desire to use it to "test" for Provia 100F would be a natural, as they are both ISO 100 films of daylight balance. Just one thing...you cannot evaluate the color of your Provia images by looking at the Polaroid tests, as Polaroid has its own color palate. You CAN judge sharpness, exposure, composition, etc. I prefer testing in color over b/w, if I am shooting color transparency film as a final product.

Bob Bell
11-Apr-2007, 05:41
Thx Gene.

J Peterson
8-May-2007, 07:30
I prefer Type 59. The colours are more "Polaroid" than Type 79 which is more true to life.

Depends what you want though.

Am I making sense?

Gene McCluney
8-May-2007, 08:23
For a while, Polaroid Type 79 was known as Polaroid Polacolor Pro-100.