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10-Apr-2007, 02:33
Greetings LF Photography Forum Community.

Querying shooters familiar with using the Sinar Auto Aperture shutter, especially with barrel lenses:

Does it do the job satisfactorily?
Opinions on using the Sinar shutter as opposed to having barrel lenses outfitted with shutters?
How does the Sinar shutter hold up in use; maintenence issues?
Usage in the field; possible or not recommended?

Any relevant inputs solicited,
Thank you for your consultations.


Armin Seeholzer
10-Apr-2007, 05:25
Hi Ken
Its just the easiest way to use barrel lenses!
"Does it do the job satisfactorily?"
Yes it does very well, the only thing for what it was not build ist for very fast repeted shooting like a maching gun, for example with models and digital back, thad kills it!
But if you do it not faster then all 5 sec. its the perfect shutter!
I use it in the field but just out of the car, because he is heavy and I have almost all Lenses also in a Copal shutter, with exeption of the barrels!
I have two of them one is from 1978 which was at service 3 years ago and does now like a new one the other is from 1981 and was in a huge photostudio in use and was serviced once about 8 years ago, he is a bit harder then the older one I prefer the older one because of the service not so long ago!
But booth work perfect!
Hope it helps and always store it at 8 sec. and open not closed! then they can get very old and troublefree!
Armin Seeholzer