View Full Version : No more Nikon lenses?

keith english
9-Apr-2007, 12:34
Did I read correctly on Nikon's site that they are ceasing production of large-format lenses?

Oren Grad
9-Apr-2007, 12:42
Yes. Already ceased.

9-Apr-2007, 12:45
It's been a year or so since the announcement. Now all the Nikon LF lenses are listed under the "production ended" section, which means Nikon has not only ceased production but also depleted inventory at hand. What's left in distribution is the last of Nikon LF lenses available new.

Gene McCluney
9-Apr-2007, 12:45
It's been about a year or more now, hasn't it?

Gordon Moat
9-Apr-2007, 12:58
I think B&H Photo (http://www.bhphoto.com) in New York City still have some new Nikkor lenses in stock. My guess is that if you had a warranty claim, it should not be a problem to get it corrected through Nikon.

I recently got a used Nikkor-W from Midwest Photo Exchange (http://www.mpex.com). The fact that Nikon is no longer making these lenses is not an issue for me. The shutter is a Copal 1, which I would hope might be the only service part I might ever need.


Gordon Moat
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