View Full Version : Cooke suspending production of ps945

George Kara
9-Apr-2007, 12:08
I had to call the vendor where I purchased my cooke lens as the copal shutter has a problem and needs warranty work.

He stated that I was lucky to get the lens in the last batch as Cooke suspended production for an undetermined time. They are evidently very busy with cinema lens manufacturing. Obviously they didnt make any money from the few of these lense made.
Total production seems to tally to the sale of around 4 or 5 of their more expensive cine lenses.

It really is a magnificent lens for figure/portrait work and has an incredible range of sharpness and bokeh. You have to see prints to truly appreciate the attributes of this fine lens.

I imagine production of the convertible lens has ceased as well although I am speculating.


C. D. Keth
9-Apr-2007, 12:14
Think of it from a business point of view. Keep production of 10-30 thousand dollar lenses going strong or take resources away from that to make <5 thousand dollar lenses.

It is a shame though. Perhaps if they would have taken a gamble and made them attainable by the average LF photographer, it would have suceeded better. I can't think of any tiem in my life where I will be willing and able to spend nearly three-and-a-half grand on one lens.

David A. Goldfarb
9-Apr-2007, 12:38
It's a great lens if you want this look and particularly need to shoot 4x5" or if you need a modern shutter, but at the price you could have a couple of historic lenses and an 8x10" camera setup to go with it and arguably have a better result.

Ed Richards
9-Apr-2007, 13:25
From Cooke's perspective, they were giving the lenses away. It had to be the cheapest lens they made.

Don Hutton
9-Apr-2007, 13:29
arguably have a better result.

I wouldn't comment on the negative side of this lens until you've used one. I really couldn't see how it could ever be worth the money until I tried one. There is simply no other lens I have ever used (and I have tried a bundle both modern and old) which produces the same look. It's a sensational optic. Very pricey, but in my experience, without equal. And if production has ceased, I'd guess that the price is going straight up too.

9-Apr-2007, 13:42
Sh*t. Double sh*t.

Excuse my French.

I was saving up for one.

Back to the drawing board..

Frank Petronio
9-Apr-2007, 13:54
You might want to run out and find one of the last stocked ones... I bet it will appreciate nicely and you could flip it for an easy grand.

Of course the last time I speculated like that I bought a photo studio that was going out of business for 50 cents on the dollar, about $20K worth. That was on September 10, 2001. Seriously.