View Full Version : Shipping film via US Postal Service

Ben Hopson
9-Apr-2007, 11:08
I just received some Fuji 160 PRO S that I ordered and it was shipped Priority Mail. I am concerned about the possibilities of X-Ray damage. Does the post office use inspection techniques that are detrimental to film? I hope not, but I have been under the assumption that they do.


9-Apr-2007, 21:13
I use USPS frequently to ship film, and I've never had any problems with them in any way.

Ben Hopson
9-Apr-2007, 21:38
Thank you Robert. The film I have ordered the last few years has always been sent by UPS or FedX. I am relieved to know that USPS has not been a problem.

Eric James
9-Apr-2007, 22:08
I've never had a problem either.

9-Apr-2007, 23:35
I always ship my film for flying trips via usps. No problems, yet. On the other hand my christmas trip last year I shipped some padded lens cells back to the store and they never got them.

bruce terry
10-Apr-2007, 07:52
No problems with USPS Priority Mail from east coast to west coast the past six months. Never beaten-up, always very fast.

13-Apr-2007, 03:44
The Providence, RI post office has a sign up that states they x-ray every package. When I asked about shipping film they said there were no exceptions. It may be just that office, but at least they had a sign up.