View Full Version : E6 - PhotoConcepts in Phoenix

Bob Bell
8-Apr-2007, 12:35
Has anyone used this place here in Phoenix? http://www.photoconcepts.net/index.html

They seem very inexpensive for 4x5 @ $1.50 each.

If anyone has someone else locally to recommend I would like to hear about them. I am going to stick with Quickloads if that makes any difference.

Thx for your help.

Jim Jirka
9-Apr-2007, 05:53
$1.50 is cheap. I pay in Seattle, $2.50 a sheet for processing whether it be C-41, E-6 or B&W.

There is Photocraft in Colorado, Denver I think that is pretty cheap also. I want to say $1.30 for E-6. But that may have gone up.

Doug Dolde
9-Apr-2007, 07:06
Photoconcepts I believe was bought out by Colormark (next to Photomark). They do a good job. I do prefer Photocraft but if youre in Phoenix and can drop off you will get them much faster.