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Robert J. Triffin
10-Jun-2000, 22:22
I would like to know exactly what is Museum Glass and why is it alledgely so exp ensive? Also, is it a trade name?

Any information on these questions will be greatly appreicated.

Thank You, Robert J. Triffin RJTRIFFIN@HOME.COM

12-Jun-2000, 09:46
I don`t remeber the name of the glass but I have friend in framing so i will post that later its so expensive because it has almost ZERO reflection. Which if you have ever looked at photographs in a gallery or museum you know how annoying reflections can be. (I hate trying to look closely at a photo and seeing my ugly mug instead of the photograph).It does work to a point I was looking at some photographs sunday and the glass was almost invisible.you still get some reflection but the annoyane is greatly reduced. I think the absence of glass altogether is the best choice.-J

John H. Henderson
12-Jun-2000, 13:01
I assume that it has a multilayer coating on it like modern lenses.

Try sticking a 16"x20" piece of glass into the electronic beam evaporation machine that you have at home, try depositing consistent layers of some material over that area to within hundredths or thousandths of a micron, and you will see why it is so expensive.

Glenn Kroeger
12-Jun-2000, 14:13
Here are some web sites that have AR glass

www.tru-vue.com www.framingsupply.com