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6-Apr-2007, 22:39
Has anyone had experience doing LF shots in Colonial Williamsburg (CW) or around the Wren Building at William and Mary? I spent about half a dozen (torturous) years in Williamsburg in grad school and recall many extremely photogenic spots. I am going back in May for a retirement party and want to bring my 4x5. Are the docents in CW reasonably open to those setting up tripods and LF cameras outside of the buildings? I proposed to my wife in front of the Governor's Mansion and would really like to get both B&W and potentially color shots with the 4x5 of it, if nothing else for the sake of memories. The crowds don't worry me as much as the thought of some overly enthusiastic docent viewing me as a pro since I have a LF camera and giving my a load of s***. Any thoughts or experiences?


Walter Calahan
7-Apr-2007, 06:02
You may want to check with the managers of Colonial Willamsburg. They may have restrictions since they control the Trademark on the village. They don't control W&M's property. I've professionally photographed at CW, and had to go through small hoops to do it.

Sorry your time at W&M was torturous. Did you tell the authorities where you kept your WMDs? Grin.

Keith S. Walklet
7-Apr-2007, 11:04

As Walter indicated, you may want to contact the appropriate people with Colonial Williamsburg. I think you'll find that the only place they will restrict your activity is places that one pays to enter, or where you would impede others access. ie. inside the buildings, or in gardens with gate fees.

As an former W&M student, the alumni office will be your best bet for assistance. Unless your torturous time there was also tortourous for them as well! In fact, I'd start with the alumni office and have them help with the contacts at CW public relations office.

Wave a big hello to my hometown. I grew up there and my father worked for CW for many years.

7-Apr-2007, 15:13
Thanks for all the advice. I will likely talk to someone at CW even though I am taking the pictures as an amateur for my own personal use.

6.5 years of physics grad school is torturous regardless of where you are.;)

Keith S. Walklet
7-Apr-2007, 16:24
Physics! You likely studied under Dr. Welch then. I was good friends with his son way back in elementary school.

As for CW contacts, you might start here:


Good luck.

7-Apr-2007, 18:56

Bob was my thesis advisor. I am going out for his retirement party.