View Full Version : Contacting realtor for building access

MIke Sherck
6-Apr-2007, 18:24
I've come across some old industrial buildings in my town which are vacant and have For Sale signs on them. I'd like to contact the realtor to see if I can get inside for some photographs (one of the buildings is where my grandfather retired from.) For those who have done this, what approaches worked and what didn't?



Kirk Gittings
6-Apr-2007, 18:30
Generally they are very busy people without much interest in art and trying to make a living. You need to offer them something that benefits them. Guess what they need?

Jim Rice
7-Apr-2007, 04:29
Although it would be morally wrong, you might represent a potential buyer. A temporary phone number might be helpful. ;)

Okay, I'm so going to hell.

21-Apr-2007, 21:24
One practical problem with posing as a potential buyer would be that it wouldn't be very believable if you had to spend a lot of time setting up a large format camera!

If you said that you wanted pictures to show someone, that may be believable, but any "regular" person would expect you to pull out a slr or some other camera that would not need a tripod.


If you where up front about what you are doing, maybe you could offer them a print for their office if they where not eager to help out.