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M Salhuana
6-Apr-2007, 18:08
I am looking for information on this lens since I have an oppurtunity to acquire one. I believe this is a single coated lens on a copal 3 shutter. Could anyone that owns one please tell me what their experiences are with the lens. I am mainly going to be shooting black and white but may want to shoot some transparencie film. I will use it on a 5x7 and 8x10 camera. Any input will be greatly appreciated it.



MIke Sherck
6-Apr-2007, 18:20
I haven't used this lens but purely by chance I seem to have acquired a number of Fuji lenses over the years. Both my 150mm and 420mm are single coated; the 210mm is multi-coated.

Comparing the 210 and the 420, there doesn't seem to be much of a difference for most black and white (although I don't shoot into the sun very much.) Contrast from the single-coated 420mm L is quite comparable to the multi-coated 210mm W. I like Fuji lenses -- a lot!


Eric James
6-Apr-2007, 20:27
WS or SW?

Search for these words on Kerry Thalmann's "Unofficial Fujinon Lens" page and you may come to my conclusion: The only thing certain about Fujinon lens nomenclature is that nothing is certain.


"Well, now that we've got that all cleared up (We do, don't we? Good.)"

If posting here doesn't help answer your question, you may want to post the same at the www.photo.net large format forum. There is a woman who frequents that site who seems very knowledgeable about Fujinon large format lenses.

Or you may choose to throw up your hand and get in line for a 360mm A - but no cuts!

David Karp
6-Apr-2007, 21:28
This site is also very helpful:


Eric James
7-Apr-2007, 09:47
There is a woman who frequents that site who seems very knowledgeable about Fujinon large format lenses.

Whoops - she is a he. His name is Lynn. He contributed to a Fuji 240mm f9 thread just recently. My apologies.

Matus Kalisky
8-Apr-2007, 05:13
Well - I am in no way familiar with this lens but one sold recently on eBay and the seller mentioned the weight - 1400g. Just to let you know.

Ted Harris
8-Apr-2007, 19:48
In the Fuji 1981 catalogue it lists the 360 WS w/EBC coating. That is Fuji's multicoating. If the lettering is on the outside of the lens cell rim then it is almost certainly EBC coated. The image circle is 485 os definitely covers 8x10 with room to spare. The earlier post was correct, it is a big hunk of glass weighingin at 1535 grams.