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6-Apr-2007, 10:50
Quote from the "ONLINE PHOTOGRAPHER" bLOG: "From the Berlin-based print sales site Lumas.com. The edition of one hundred 20 x 30Lambda prints is sold out..."

What is a Lambda Print? Just another sales-gimmick name for a "C Print?"

tim atherton
6-Apr-2007, 10:52
a print made from a Lambda printer (laser I think) it can be a C Print, a Cibarchrome or a silver gelatin print

(think I got them all)

6-Apr-2007, 10:58
Hi Bill,

Unless mistaken it is in reference to a print from a Durst Lambda digital printer. The competition for the Lambda would be prints that come off of a LightJet or a Chromira printers which are generally considered to be sharper than those coming off of the Lambda. The photo paper most commonly used for these printers is Fuji Crystal Archive (a Type C paper with an estimated life of about 60 years when I last checked by Henry Wilhelm). The Fuji Crystal Archive Photo paper is generally considered the longest lived Chromagenic Photo Paper. Some of these printers have been used to print on Ilfochrome (Cibachrome) papers and there are arguments about the length of life of the images on this paper.


6-Apr-2007, 13:31
Rich and Tim are correct. A Lambda printer, is a laser type of printer, and normally uses Type C paper. However, I know that Elevator Gallery in Toronto has been able to use this same printer for Ilfochrome and Ilford B&W papers (IFAIK).

6-Apr-2007, 13:53
Thanks, Guys.